Plumbing Services

Connected Plumbgas provides all plumbing services. Whether you are renovating, have plumbing maintenance, or are building a new home, we can help you out.

Plumbing Maintenance & Leak Detection

Connected PlumbGas can provide all plumbing maintenance services, including:

  • burst pipes repair
  • dishwasher installation
  • garbage disposal unit installation
  • garbage disposal unit removal
  • water purifiers installation
  • hot water cylinder maintenance
  • leaks in taps
  • leaking toilets
  • toilet that keep running
  • dripping taps
  • leaky faucets & pipes
  • water hammer
  • slow drains
  • replacing downpipes

Based on the Sunshine Coast, we provide plumbing maintenance services to all local areas, both domestic and commercial.

Leak Detection

High water bills? We also provide leak detection services for unusually high water bills and repair services for leaking pipes, both underground and in-wall.

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