when gas goes bad

There is an old wives tale that goes “When a LPG bottle is getting low you get a slight smell of gas.”

This is totally incorrect. If you can smell gas in your kitchen, at your bottles or anywhere - chances are you have a gas leak.

Two serious incidents of gas explosions during the week on the Central NSW coast and suburbs of Sydney show how dangerous gas leaks can be. If you suspect a leak, turn off your bottles or gas meter, call a REGISTERED GASFITTER- Not a plumber!

However, if your gas bottle is getting low the gas mixture changes to have more Butane mixed with the Propane. Butane is heavier and sits at the bottom of the bottle. With this mixture a slightly different odour is given off from the combusted gas at your cooktop. It is not dangerous. If the smell continues when you’re not using your cooktop, you will have a leak- again- call a REGISTERED GASFITTER- Not a plumber!

We can service:

  • gas leaks around gas bottles & gas bottle connections
  • gas leaks around gas cooktops
  • gas leaks in internal walls
  • gas leaks underground
  • gas leaks on BBQs
  • gas leaks on pipework for gas hot water systems

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  • "Doc" is always on time and does a great job keeping my restaurant going! Reliable and reasonably priced.
  • Highly recommended! Doc is a total professional who delivered great service.
  • I had one of those stupid out of hours accidents where you're doing a simple gardening job, and you swing the maddock through a water pipe that isn't meant to be there. Water everywhere, late Saturday afternoon, what are you going to do? I googled for a local plumber, and Doc was the first one I found who answered the phone. He was around in less than 1 hour, and fixed it in about 15 mins. Charged a fair price, delivered great service. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • I have used Connected PlumbGas for over Ten Years on the Sunshine Coast for all my private plumbing problems and gas installations such as new stoves and cooktops . I am extreemly happy with the professionalism and quality of work provided to me on each occasion . At times where i thought I would be up for a small fortune with major repairs to drainage , I was pleasantly relieved when i received a fair bill for the work performed . I have also recommended and used Connected PlumbGas for Commercial work throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area . All my Clients and referrals have also commented on how happy they were with the service and quality of work . I highly recommend Connected PlumbGas to anyone requiring the services of an exceptional Plumber and Gas Fitter .
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