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Commercial kitchens are bustling environments with high volumes of gas usage, providing the necessary energy for cooking equipment and other appliances. With safety being of utmost importance in these settings, it is crucial to install an emergency shut-off valve for gas. In this article, we will explore what an emergency shut-off valve for gas is and why it is essential for commercial kitchens.

As the name suggests a “grease trap” captures all the grease flowing down a restaurant drain line before it goes into the council’s sewer mains.

Without such devices the congealed grease and fat would choke up sewers, cause major blockages and cause havoc especially in high density shopping districts.

when gas goes bad

There is an old wives tale that goes “When a LPG bottle is getting low you get a slight smell of gas.”

This is totally incorrect. If you can smell gas in your kitchen, at your bottles or anywhere - chances are you have a gas leak.

warm water legionella

Plumbers protect the health of the community

Article by Ernie Kretschmer, MPAQ

Hot water can be very dangerous for several reasons, mainly through scalding injuries and microbial issues. Licensed plumbers tackle these in various ways but mainly through the installation of tempering/thermostatic valves to control water delivery temperature and correct installation to ensure the deficient free operation of the water heating system to deter microbial growth.

gas leak repair sunshine coast

A small leak in a hot water system - now a massive hole in his house! PLUMBERS TIMES The dangers of DIY work were graphically illustrated at a suburban home in Frankston n 2015. The hot water service exploded with the force of a bomb, demolishing the back of a house and catapulting debris half a block away when the home owner replaced a temperature & pressure relief valve with a tap.


The new Amazon Home Services wants to help you find help around the house through an invite-only online marketplace of handyman professionals.

Amazon wants to start playing a part in helping you get things done around your home, whether it be  repairs or assembling.

Using sewage water to make beerIn Oregon, USA local brewers have been experimenting with a new recipe for beer, made using sewage water.

Last year, the Hillsboro Clean Water Services (HCWS) in Oregon challenged home brewers to create a beer using 30 per cent sewage water. As part of the competition, which aimed to explore new ways of using treated water, brewers exchanged tap water for purified sewage water direct from the treatment plant.

I’m beginning to wonder if my aging water lines are ready to break. Should I have the pipes replaced before it happens? 

You may have galvanized lines that are getting rusty and corroded. If you’re worried about it, we can come and do a pressure test on your plumbing or dig down in your yard to do a visual inspection of part of the line to see what’s going on. We can replace sections of pipe that are exposed to weather and have rusted, or sections of pipe that have deteriorated within walls etc. If corroded pipes are already leaking within wall cavities we can use leak detection equipment to pinpoint the leak.

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