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Connected Plumbgas are gas specialists. With over 20 years of gas experience, you can rely on us for good advice and great workmanship.


On the Sunshine Coast commercial and domestic gas is provided by gas bottles, in Brisbane the gas is articulated through most streets via pipes in the ground and a connection at the property. Piped gas is convenient as you don't need to swap bottles over, however the disadvantage is that there are line charges (the fee for using the gas connection to the house). Talk to us about what gas appliances you will be using - you may be better off to use gas bottles, even when there is piped gas in your area.

For bottled gas, on a standard installation it is common to have a manual switch-over regulator, (as opposed to automatic) this way when one bottle is empty the owner's attention is drawn to having to manually switch the valve to the other bottle and then arrange to have the empty bottle refilled. The size of bottles varies. For a single domestic cook top it is our recommendation to install two 9 kg bottles (the standard BBQ size bottles). A single bottle of gas will last generally 5-7 months. When a continuous flow gas hot water unit is also installed it is best to have two 45kg bottles (they stand approx 1050mm from the concrete slab) with gas hot water a 45kg bottle will last approximately 3-5 months. Most gas cook tops and gas continuous flow units require power points - but not all units. Some will operate solely using gas without any electrical points.


Installation of gas appliances and any gas maintenance work must be completed by a licenced gasfitter. A 'Certificate of Compliance' will be issued once the new installation has met the safety criteria of the Australian Gasfitting Standards. This is a triplicate form - one copy is kept by the certifier, one copy is kept by the consumer and the third copy is sent to the energy provider. There are strict clearances when installing any gas appliance or LPG bottle placement. Existing gas cooktops and gas hot water cylinders may also require servicing if they are burning incorrectly (e.g. yellow flame), exhausted parts, or if there is a suspect leak of gas (strong smell of gas).


As with plumbing and electrical, it is important to consider gas appliances when planning your renovation - particularly kitchen cook tops. Gas appliances require gas pipes which will run either from underneath the house up through the walls or cupboards, or through the roof space and down through the internal walls. Contact us for a free quote and appraisal for your renovation.

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We can provide free quotes based on plans, and will offer advice on the best capacity appliances to meet your needs. Let us introduce you to the latest features of a wide range of appliances, and show you the benefits and savings they can bring to the cost of running your home. Contact us for a free quote and appraisal for your building project.

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There is a vast range of cooktops on the market today. While we cannot recommend one brand over another, we do suggest you give the following points consideration:

  • width of the unit 600mm, 700mm, 900mm etc.
  • Ensure there are enough elements for your style of cooking and that they are adequately spaced for large pots and pot handles
  • material of trivets (stainless steel will discolour)

When planning for the installation of a new gas cooktop, consider whether there is adequate access for the gas pipes to be run either through the roof space or underneath the house then through the wall and into the cupboard under the cooktop. Contact us for a free appraisal and quote.

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Hot water

There are two main types of gas hot water systems - the traditional storage cylinder, and the more recent continuous flow hot water system. The continuous flow has advantages of only heating what you use, having a supply which is not limited, being exterior mounted (no interior cupboards taken up by cylinders), and keypad controllers which allow you to specify how hot you want the water (depending on the task eg bath 37°C, dishes 60°C). Contact us for a free appraisal and quote.

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Flame Effect Fires

The advantages of flame effect fires are obvious

  • No stacking wood
  • No cutting kindling
  • No lighting a fire and waiting for heat

The range of flame effect fires not only look authentic but also have instant heat with good efficiency. There are fires designed for pure effect, and others to provide the comfort of a wood fire without the stacking, starting and cleaning out the ashes. Just turn on and be cosy! As well as installation of the heater, Connected PlumbGas will take care of any flueing requirements.

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If you are getting a cooktop or hot water system why not include an outside BBQ point hard piped back to the same supply?

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Pool Heating & Spa Pool Heating

Pool heating has proven to be a cost effective and efficient way of heating your pool for those cooler months.

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Gas Disconnections / Reconnections

Getting rid of gas entirely, and need your gas appliances disconnected? Or about to renovate and need the gas appliances & pipework disconnected and reconnected later? Contact us to talk about your requirements.

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