Gas Cooktop Installs

Connected Plumbgas are gas specialists. With over 20 years of gas experience, you can rely on us for good advice and great workmanship.

Gas Cooktops

Connected PlumbGas are gas specialists, and can install your new cooktop or replace an existing electric/gas cooktop with a new one. There is a vast range of gas cooktops on the market today. While we cannot recommend one brand over another, we do suggest you give the following points consideration:

  • the width of the unit 600mm, 700mm, 900mm etc.
  • Ensure there are enough elements for your style of cooking and that they are adequately spaced for large pots and pot handles
  • material of trivets (stainless steel will discolour)
  • the cooktop can be run on LPG (Sunshine Coast has no articulated natural gas pipeline, it is LPG bottles only)

When planning for the installation of a new gas cooktop, consider whether there is adequate access for the gas pipes to be run either through the roof space or underneath the house then through the wall and into the cupboard under the cooktop. Contact us for a free appraisal and quote.

Disconnecting your gas cooktop or oven and replacing with a new electric one? Contact us to arrange for the disconnection.

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