Gas BBQ Leaks

Do you have a strong smell of gas at your BBQ, even when it isn't on? Get it checked, leaky connections can be very dangerous.

Leaks on Gas BBQs Are Dangerous!

The Sunshine Coast is famous for its outdoor living areas, which usually include either a full outdoor kitchen, or at least a BBQ, built in, or freestanding. If you are renovating and installing a cooktop or hot water system why not include an outside BBQ point hard piped back to the same supply?

Checking for BBQ Leaks

Taking a few seconds to check your gas connections with soapy water is all you need to do to ensure that the sausages are the only thing that's going to get burnt at your next barbecue. The vast majority of barbecues take place without incident, but on average ore than 130 barbecues end with disastrous consequences every summer. The majority of fires are caused by loose gas connections that have not been adequately tightened or perished O rings. Taking a few seconds to check your connections are tight and to squirt some soapy water on the connection between the gas bottle and hose, and the hose and barbecue, will show you if your barbecue is safe to use. If you see bubbles forming, then you have a gas leak. In the case where you see bubbles forming, or even suspect a leak due to smell of gas, call us to arrange an inspection.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi Doc, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for repairing our BBQ. My wife today was saying how grateful she was today that you were able to repair it when someone else said it couldn’t be. So, thank you very much for some great work!

Dr Chris Van Leuvan BSc EE, MBBS, FANZCA
Specialist Anaesthetist

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