As the name suggests a “grease trap” captures all the grease flowing down a restaurant drain line before it goes into the council’s sewer mains.

Without such devices the congealed grease and fat would choke up sewers, cause major blockages and cause havoc especially in high density shopping districts.

How Do They Work?

Simple really. The grease trap is “sized in water volume” by a hydraulics consultant based on how many wash up sinks etc are in the restaurant and what type of restaurant it is. For example, high volume grease producers are chicken-based retailers (i.e.: Red Rooster), Gelato ice cream producers, Indian restaurants (high cream content) and others.  They range from holding 500 litres to over 50000 litres in large shopping centres.

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when gas goes bad

There is an old wife tale that goes “When a LPG bottle is getting low you get a slight smell of gas.”

This is totally incorrect. If you can smell gas in your kitchen, at your bottles or anywhere - chances are you have a gas leak.

Two serious incidents of gas explosions during the week on the Central NSW coast and suburbs of Sydney show how dangerous gas leaks can be. If you suspect a leak, turn off your bottles or gas meter, call a REGISTERED GASFITTER- Not a plumber!

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bathroom renovation sunshine coast
Photo: courtesy of taken by Nicole England

Is your bathroom in desperate need of an update? Be inspired with these must-have design trends for 2016 and get a bathroom you will enjoy spending time in.

We asked six designers for their style predictions.

Time for tranquility

“Bathrooms are often the only place where people regularly have time to themselves,” Sydney interior designer Sarah Davison says. For that reason bathroom design should “create a refuge of serenity and personal luxury. The trends I embrace are for natural materials and unique, layered textures,” she says.

Go natural

Recent bathroom trade shows in Paris and Milan showed that 2016 trends will focus around natural materials, designer Katrina Malyn, of building design company Design Projector, says.

“We will move further away from artificial materials,” Malyn predicts. “Natural stone and timber will appear in more and more bathrooms. Timber vanities, seats and accessories showing timber grain will become more prevalent. Timber will be more often used for bathroom floors and even in taps.”

Living on the Sunshine Coast and needing a Bathroom Renovation? We work alongside and welcome your enquiry!

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The new Amazon Home Services wants to help you find help around the house through an invite-only online marketplace of handyman professionals.

Amazon wants to start playing a part in helping you get things done around your home, whether it be  repairs or assembling.

Amazon Home Services recently with over 2 million unique service offerings ranging across 700 professional service types, the e-commerce giant said. The new services offering is made up of selected, invite-only professionals who provide a range of handyman services, including plumbing, TV wall mounting and grill assembly, along with more personal initiatives like music lessons.

For Amazon, the time seemed right for a service offering. The company says that 85 million of its US customers are shopping for products that need professional services.

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warm water legionella

Plumbers protect the health of the community

Article by Ernie Kretschmer, MPAQ

Hot water can be very dangerous for several reasons, mainly through scalding injuries and microbial issues. Licensed plumbers tackle these in various ways but mainly through the installation of tempering/thermostatic valves to control water delivery temperature and correct installation to ensure the deficient free operation of the water heating system to deter microbial growth.

Storage water heaters are required to store water at a minimum of 60°C in order to inhibit bacteria growth. Australian Standards require that delivery temperature for water in areas primarily for personal hygiene be tempered to 45°C for the aged, sick, children or people with disabilities. This is specific to those in healthcare and aged care buildings, early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools, and nursing homes or similar facilities for these categories of people. Delivery temperature water at the outlet of sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for all other situations is required to be at 50°C. These temperatures are easily achieved by the use of tempering and thermostatic mixing valves which mix cold water with the high temperature water from the hot water heater (stored at about 60°C in a storage system).

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Using sewage water to make beerIn Oregon, USA local brewers have been experimenting with a new recipe for beer, made using sewage water.

Last year, the Hillsboro Clean Water Services (HCWS) in Oregon challenged home brewers to create a beer using 30 per cent sewage water. As part of the competition, which aimed to explore new ways of using treated water, brewers exchanged tap water for purified sewage water direct from the treatment plant. It encouraged lots of new experimentation among brewers, as well as some healthier and tastier brews. “The water that comes from the high purity water system is the cleanest water on the planet,” Mark Jockers of the Clean Water Services told KGW News in Portland, USA.

While anything sewage related might sound pretty unappetising, the competition really proved that purified sewage water was as good as new – if not better. HCWS are now looking to take their ‘sewage brewage’ to the next level, teaming up with Portland’s Oregon Brew Crew to craft beer using only purified sewage water. But the brew will not be available on tap at the local pubs. HCWS and the Brew Crew will be producing it for special events only.

To read more about this unconventional brew visit

Taken from Reece Outlet Magazine, Issue#156, March 2015

gas leak repair sunshine coast

A small leak in a hot water system - now a massive hole in his house! PLUMBERS TIMES The dangers of DIY work were graphically illustrated at a suburban home in Frankston this year. The hot water service exploded with the force of a bomb, demolishing the back of a house and catapulting debris half a block away when the home owner replaced a temperature & pressure relief valve with a tap.

For those who missed it, Nine News covered a story recently regarding a hapless plumbing handyman who managed to cause some major damage to a house in Frankston. Channel Nine reported that the police were likely to charge the man with two offences, one under the Gas Safety Act, plus a criminal charge for endangering persons.

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I’m beginning to wonder if my aging water lines are ready to break. Should I have the pipes replaced before it happens? 

You may have galvanized lines that are getting rusty and corroded. If you’re worried about it, we can come and do a pressure test on your plumbing or dig down in your yard to do a visual inspection of part of the line to see what’s going on. We can replace sections of pipe that are exposed to weather and have rusted, or sections of pipe that have deteriorated within walls etc. If corroded pipes are already leaking within wall cavities we can use leak detection equipment to pinpoint the leak.


KAWANA'S multi-billion dollar health hub continues to take shape, with construction underway on what is being predicted to be the largest public hospital in Queensland and the biggest University hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Currently still undergoing construction and development, the new hospital is expected to not only provide a higher standard of health departments and resources, but also open doorways for employment opportunities to school leavers and other currently unemployed residents on the Sunshine Coast. 

The Kawana Health Campus and the adjacent Oceanside Health Hub has a projected regional contribution of around $447 million per annum. Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson said the progression of construction marked an important milestone for the Sunshine Coast community. "As one of the region's 'game changer' projects, the Oceanside Health Precinct will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the prosperity of our region both now and in the long term," Mayor Jamieson said. Pulse Oceanside Medical, a joint venture project by Evans Long and Engage Capital, is located on Birtinya Boulevard and will offer direct pedestrian access to the traffic-controlled intersection outside the private and public hospital sites.