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Heat Pumps

How they work

Heat pump hot water systems work on the same theory as air conditioning units & refrigerators - by absorbing heat from the surrounding air and transferring that energy into the water. You are using free energy from the environment that doesn’t cost a cent, and at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. The heat pump will operate in outdoor temperature as low as 4°Celsius.


  • No panels required
  • No tank on roof
  • More efficient than electricity and LPG gas hot water systems
  • Doesn't matter which way your roof is facing


  • Less efficient than solar
  • Slower recovery time
  • Heat pump units are noiser than solar, gas or electric


Connected Plumbgas can supply and install hot water heat pumps, and recommends Rheem, Quantum and Dux heat pumps.

Notifiable Work

On 1 November 2012, a new category of plumbing and drainage work called 'notifiable work' commenced in Queensland, reducing red tape, delays and costs for licensees, local governments and consumers.

Notifiable work extends the amount of work a plumber or drainer can perform without a local government permit or any requirement for mandatory inspections. Notifiable work includes most plumbing and drainage work performed in existing homes including:

  • kitchens and bathroom additions and renovations
  • installing or replacing hot water heaters including electric, solar or heat pump hot water heaters
  • installing additional fixtures such as toilets, showers and sinks
  • extending or altering pipe work

Other Changes

As a result of the notifiable work reforms, the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 4.1 - Sustainable Buildings has also been amended. Now when a licensee carries out notifiable work as part of a renovation such as relocating a toilet or hand basin in a bathroom, a plumbing approval is no longer triggered. This means that all fixtures throughout the home no longer require upgrading to be water efficient.

Minor Work

The category of minor work has also been broadened, allowing more work to be undertaken without attracting fees and inspections. Minor work must be performed by a licensed plumber but the Plumbing Industry Council or Local government do not need to be notified of the work done. Some examples of minor work include:

  • Maintenance or repair of a fitting or fixture - eg basin or flick mixer
  • Replacement of a fitting or fixture eg toilet pan or kitchen mixer
  • All maintenance or installation of an apparatus - eg an arrestor, cistern, pump, domestic water filter, water matere, siphone, tap, valve, water softener. 
  • Note: although temperature control devices, back flow prevention devices and water heaters are classed as apparatus (or valve), they do not come under the classification of minor work.


Plumbing Licences

QLD - P22407, D22407
VIC - 50903
NSW - 227846C
SA - PGE236122
NT - LPD1753

QBCC Licence

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